[OSList] Additional Organizational Open Space Case Studies?

Jake Yeager jacob.yeager at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 11:42:58 PDT 2019

Hi everyone,

I have come across two case studies of "organizational Open Space," i.e.,
where the organization operated in Open Space at all times:

   1. Open Space Institute in a Social Service Organization
   <https://www.openspaceworld.org/files/tmnfiles/social.htm> by Birgitt
   2. Practicing Open Space - Our First 10 Years
   by Hans-Georg Wicke

Both of these case studies offer very detailed descriptions of outcomes,
and the organization described operated in organizational Open Space for
many years. Does anyone know of other case studies like these? Does anyone
want to write one? :D


All the best,

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you will be free of problems.
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