[OSList] Sample Opening Script for Open Space w/o Time Slots?

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Wed May 15 23:01:27 PDT 2019

Glad you said that, Harrison!

My recommendation is to simply read the Guide about a week before you 
have the good fortune to facilitate an open space event. All of it. 
Every time. I did this for more than twenty years. Found new stuff each 
time. And was not hampered to find my own style. Ok, that is in the book 
that I wrote. Its in German. And all germanspeaking facilitators read 
that before each os event they facilitate. It has pictures, 100. It is 
also available as an ebook. So my next suggestion is to to learn German. 
Took me a long time, too. English was easier.

And once you are really happy about your approach in whatever language, 
write a book in that language. Dont translate it. Let others write their 
version or tell the story in their foreign words.

Greetings from Berlin

Am 15.05.2019 um 21:20 schrieb Harrison Owen via OSList:
> Hate to say it…It’s in the Book!
> Harrison
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> Hi everyone,
> Does anyone have a sample opening script for an Open Space without time 
> slots?
> Thanks!
> All the best,
> Jake
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