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Jennifer Hurley jlhurley at hfadesign.com
Tue May 7 08:48:37 PDT 2019

Dear colleagues, I am writing to request your assistance in conducting
research related to public participation in urban planning and public
policy. I am looking for people to interview for my dissertation. The
interviews will focus on participants¹ direct personal experiences designing
and facilitating public participation processes and events. I have already
completed numerous interviews, and at this point, I am looking in particular
for (1) facilitators/mediators who have worked on public participation
processes for urban planning and (2) planners who work for public agencies
or private consulting firms but who have not been actively involved in
national reform movements in planning.
My research focuses on the decisions that shape public participation
processes and events. My goal is to understand the factors that influence
those decisions. More details about the study are in the attached
Dissertation Concept Overview ­ Planner Choice of Public Involvement Format.
Participants must meet two eligibility criteria:
1. Must be currently employed in a planning-related job in the United States
(including planning, architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and
facilitation or mediation) and
2. Must have influenced decisions about government-sponsored public
participation processes/events related to urban planning in the last three
Interviews can be conducted over the phone or video conference or in person
in Philadelphia and are expected to last approximately 45-60 minutes, with
each participant completing two interviews. If you are interested in
participating in this study, please complete the brief eligibility screening
survey at the link below. The screening survey should take less than 10
minutes to complete.
Please feel free to pass on this email invitation to anyone you believe may
be interested in participating in this study.
Thank you for your interest and assistance!
Jennifer Hurley, Doctoral Student
Email: jlhurley at hfadesign.com
Mobile: 267-971-4598

1500 Walnut St STE 2000  |  Philadelphia, PA 19102
p: 215-988-9440 x17  |  c: 267-971-4598
JLHurley at hfadesign.com  |  http://www.hfadesign.com | @jenhurplanner

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