[OSList] OST as a way to go in addressing climate change and other perils

Alan Stewart alanmstewart at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 15:36:40 PST 2019

 G’day Fellow Spaceniks and other Kindred Spirits

The items below may be of interest to you.

They are about the looming perils of climate change and associated ways to
consider and act on them, recently come to my attention.

I have followed such matters keenly since I attended a presentation by James
while living in Hong Kong a decade ago.

My question: Could bringing *Open Space Technology (OST
<https://openspaceworld.org/wp2/>*) approaches be a vital means to address
constructively the issues we face as global humanity in the now
*Anthropocene* with its perils and opportunities?


*Opinion | Time to Panic - The New York Times

*Using Open Space to address climate change matters*


*We need to have a paradigm shift in how we view society and life.*


*Also:     **Fourth National Climate Change Assessment*

<https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/#sf-1>(To add:  Here is a report,
Values and Vibes* <http://www.multimindsolutions.com/?page_id=41> which
illustrates my credentials as a Spacenik!)

*Tall orders indeed*! Yet are there any means at hand other than *OST
<https://openspaceworld.org/wp2/>* with its underpinning premises and
highly practical approaches to addressing complex issues - now needed
urgently to create a viable living for succeeding generations of we humans
and other inhabitants of our tiny, fragile planet home?

With young people, particularly school children, crying out for necessary


Next such events are happening all around Australia on March 15, 2019.

*To conclude:*

While I feel a need and associated responsibility – given the particular
experiencing I have had over nigh on eight decades of being an earthly
denizen (including participating in seven 'World Open Space on Open Space'
gatherings, beginning in 1998) - to bring these perspectives to your notice

It is, in my mind, for you younger *Spaceniks* to make what you will of
them. Given that what I have drawn attention to here is likely only another
way of expressing what you are already aware of.

Bearing in mind that,  as with great works of art, "Which cannot be taken
in at a glance" *Linguist I.A. Richards*, so it will be in your grand
adventuring ahead.

Looking forward, indeed.👍

*Al  *

Al (formerly Alan) Stewart, PhD
Process Artist
Facilitator of conversations that matter and participatory fun

Senior Fulbright Scholar

Blog:  www.conversare.net

Member:  American Society for Cybernetics <http://asc-cybernetics.org/>

*Member: **National Trouble Makers Union* <http://www.ntmu.com.au/>

*Residence: Adelaide, South Australia, since 1975 With time away in the USA
(1981) and Hong Kong (2005-2011)  *


*"Whenever we treat each other well good things happen." Al Stewart*

PS. If you feel in need of inspiration, you may wish to look out for  -
perhaps through your local library - a book of photographs entitled* 'The
Family of Man'. *"The greatest photographic exhibition of all time ..."

This was published in the early 1950s. And was subsequently exhibited in
many countries. I saw one of these, at age 14, in what is now Harare in
Zimbabwe. It had a profound influence on me.

You may also find this little story
<http://www.multimindsolutions.com/?page_id=537>to be uplifting. ☺
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