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Sounds like wonderful fun. But I do have one question. What is an Analytics Team? What do they do? If I knew the answer to those questions THE question would be easy. "What are the issues and opportunities for (building, fixing, doing) Analytics? The technology could get a little wild and all would be improved with some f-t-f gatherings. I'm involved in a little experiment also. I've agreed to do a 10 week course which I propose to do all in Open Space with the exception of the first session which will set the stage for what follows. I even have a "handout" to keep people company if they need some reminders of what to do. Love to hear your thoughts, and of course, please feel free to use any part that might be useful.

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Hi everyone,

I attended the Peace and High Performance workshop in January. Another attendee, Regina Kang, inspired me to try Open Space at work in a similar fashion as she facilitates it in South Korea. 
The group that would participate is a single analytics team. It is comprised of about 30-35 people and is split across three sites. There are both managers and analysts, and I am a member on the team. I have pitched this to my manager, who is the highest ranking team member, and she is on board. Because we are at different sites, I propose holding the Open Space virtually.   
Also, we would hold an Open Space prior to the monthly meetings in order to introduce everyone to Open Space. We're still working out the details on this.
I'd love feedback on my proposal below. One question I have is regarding the theme. I propose that the theme be simply "How can we...?" The team member can fill in the ellipsis when convening sessions. What do you think?
Let me know if you have questions.
All the best,Jake

Lending Analytics in Open Space Proposal (aka the Regina Kang Solution)Feb 7, 2019·        Why?o  To collaborate on common, complex challengesthat we faceo  To leverage passiono  To innovateo  To encourage taking responsibility forsolving problems and moving into actiono  To build rapport and enhance communication·        What?o  Theme = “How canwe…?”o  Team members postsessions to Sharepoint prior to the designated timeo  Five Principlesand One Law§  Whoever comes are the right people§  Whatever happens is the only thing that couldhave§  Wherever it happens is the right place§  Whenever it starts is the right time§  When it’s over, it’s over§  The Law of Two Feet·        Who?o  All team membersare invitedo  Attendance isvoluntary·        When?o  Once a montho  Blocked for1-hour, but we communicate that “when it’s over, it’s over”·        How?/Where?o  Sessions held inWebEx. The convener uses his or her WebEx account and posts this on the Sharepointwhen convening the sessiono  Team members canmove from session to session if they wanto  The convener ensuresthat notes are taken during the sessiono  Session notes areavailable to everyone________________
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