[OSList] Greetings from OST training in Gävle, Sweden and looking at 2020

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 12:58:15 PDT 2018

Dear Tom,

ok, this might be signaling you (and many of us who read this note) that 
you should immediately get yourself a large PIGGY BANK and drop at least 
one dollar or one Euro or 7 Turkish Lira or 5 Brasilian Real or 128 
Iceland Crown or 4 Israelian Scheckel....into it EVERY day so that you 
will be able to come to the WOSonOS in Berlin.
In 2020. Right, that will be the third time that WOSonOS will take place 
in Berlin (previous events were in 2000 and in 2010 where I told 
everyone there - and it was a good crowd of 150+ - that they mark their 
calendars). Thinking of it, you should place piggy banks in several 
strategic places in your home, office, etc. subtly suggesting that this 
fund raising is running.

Regarding Iceland: People keep asking me who all is coming to the 
WOSonOS there this year in October. So I started a list, its growing 
rapidly and in a few days I will let everyone on our LIST know.
So, if any of you reading this want to show others that you are coming, 
let me know. It will contain the names of participants and the countries 
they come from, not more.

If you, Tom, really would like to go to Iceland and a zero interest, pay 
back as you can, loan would help, be in touch. The Open Space World Map 
has a Revolving Credit Fund for such situations. You can read up on that 
> http://www.openspaceworldmap.org/about-the-world-map

scroll down to the item
where it is spelled out.

You included yourself in the Map
> http://www.openspaceworldmap.org/worker/tom-brown

and those that want to be part of it, go ahead, join the 468 that are 
there already. Financial contributions of all os us (which are not a 
prerequisite for being in the map) cover the costs and whats left goes 
into the Revolving Credit Fund... which has helped a whole bunch of 
people to be part of the WOSonOSes and similar events. As has the 
magnificent Access Queen (hi there, Lisa)  and other more or less formal 
organisations (hi there, OSIUSA)...

Greetings from Berlin

Am 27.09.2018 um 17:41 schrieb Tom Brown:
> Michael,
> I have to do this through Google Translate.  I will not be able to go to 
> Iceland.  I just don’t have the money at this time.
> Ich muss dies über Google Übersetzer tun. Ich werde nicht in der Lage 
> sein nach Island zu gehen. Ich habe gerade kein Geld zu dieser Zeit.
> --Tom Brown
> tgb417 at gmail.com
> On Sep 27, 2018, 8:05 AM -0400, World wide Open Space Technology email 
> list <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org>, wrote:
>> Lieber Thomas,
>> super!
>> Ich werde andauernd gefragt, wer denn so nach Island fährt. Jetzt lege
>> ich selbst eine Liste an.
>> Wer kommt denn noch aus Schweden oder aus Deinem sonstigen Umkreis?
>> Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin
>> mmp

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