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I want to share some of my experience in facilitating open participation in
Last night we invite  a  friend from the government  to share her
experience  about “*Join-Public policy network participation platform”.*
To let NPOs know how it operate  and   how will the gov response. (It's an
event  of our  Nettuesday.)

I  would say vTaiwan demonstrated how a virtual   platform  can  support
and facilitate croudsourcing.
People  are  expecting for way  to convene and contribute.

I  was  involved  in  one petition  from "Join", watching how government
start to contact with the  convener  after  5000 people vote.
(The rule said  gov.  need to connect with the convener, and  publish  the
result in the  plateform.)

I was  invited  to facilitate an ost for people  who care  about the
issues, before  they  go to  meet with  the gov.
Because  they want to  connect  with each other, and they want  gov  to
know   people  care.

In  this case,  it's  a  new  issue  never  been dealed  before.
The  response  from the  gov is  positive, they invite  experts,  convener
, other  stakeholder  to meet  and  discuss.

Our society has lots  passion  after  Sunflower  movement,
many opensource people get  involved   in vTaiwan at that  time.
It's not  so active now.
"Join " is  a  new  way  to ask the gov  to step  in. to  reply  to
people's  inqury.
Not much  conversation  like  the article  mentioned  in vTaiwan before.

Yet  those are  new experience  still under going.
We are  all learning how  to be part of the  chaging world.


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> Can someone provide some further comments in response to this from
> Michael?  There seems to be an increasing interest in what's happening here
> from many different sources?  Good to share.  Gail
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> this maybe interesting and encouraging.  maybe our friends in taiwan will
> be able to say more about it?
> https://www.technologyreview.com/s/611816/the-simple-but-ing
> enious-system-taiwan-uses-to-crowdsource-its-laws/
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