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Michael Herman michael at michaelherman.com
Wed May 23 14:44:37 PDT 2018

hi all,

i want to report a heartening new thing, on the way to "nobody's talking
about open space anymore, cuz it's just the way we do things."

when i first met the agile software folks, back in 2002, they explained
agile to me and i said, "holy cow, you're making software in open space!"

fast forward to last year, i was asked to contribute to a book on
"company-wide agility."  well, as far as i can tell, true business agility
is going to look an awful lot like that holy grail we call "ongoing open

the book came out a few weeks ago and the title is a bit of a mouthful:
"company-wide agility with beyond budgeting, open space, sociocracy, and
agile:  surviving and thriving on disruption."  agile BOSSA nova, for short.

the authors, jutta eckstein and john buck, distill four key values that
define agility in organization:  self-organization, transparency,
customer-centricity (which is to say, purpose-centricity), and continuous
learning.  sounds familiar, no?

so if you love working in open space and hear chatter about agile in your
area (there are user groups to be found in meetup.com worldwide, i think)
you might want to move toward those conversations rather than away.

and if you're curious about bossa nova, you can learn more at
agilebossanova.com.  the book also includes a nod to one of daniel mezick's
open space agility success stories, at walmart.

some preview pages are available at amazon...



Michael Herman
Michael Herman Associates
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