[OSList] Be a Citizen Diplomat: bring Open Space and more to Kashmir with GCJ

Susan Partnow susanpartnow at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:41:20 PDT 2018

Hello fellow Open Space fans,

My small non profit, Global Citizen Journey, is excited to announce plans
for a GCJ delegation to Kashmir next year.  We come as citizen diplomats,
bringing open hearts and listening ears to the crisis there. Among other
aspects of this multi-layered project, we host a Town Hall for the larger
community - using World Cafe and Open Space.  It would be wonderful to have
fellow OSTers with us!

I met many wonderful Kashmiris during my travels in India last spring and
they implored me to visit Kashmir and assured me I would fall in love with
their beautiful land.  They were right.  It is a beautiful place with snow
capped mountains, a gorgeous lake, rich culture and traditions...  And deep
pain. The complex and conflictual conditions in Kashmir seem tailor made
for our Global Citizen Journey model and, in this time of Islamaphobia and
increasing tensions amongst the various big powers on the planet, the time
seems ripe.  As global citizens, we will listen to the many sides of the
issues there and we will bring stories of what we learned back to our home
communities along with the resources, networks and assistance we bring.

We hope you are intrigued and will begin dreaming of Kashmir with us...
Please  contact me:  call  206.310.1203 <(206)%20310-1203> or email back.
-- or better yet:

*Join the Zoom call - Tuesday May 15 at 5 pm PST ​ GCJ Kashmir delegation
rev 12_10_17.docx

Read more here, see attached and keep tuned for more details!

Susan Partnow
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Seattle, WA 98107
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fax 206-782-7786

www.susanpartnow.com  Partnow Communications, Organizational Development &

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www.compassionatelistening.org  Certified Facilitator and Core Council

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