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What a lovely question Marai!

I can tell you that I fell in love with OST the first time I experienced it -- in 1996 -- because I saw something that I didn’t know was possible:

The needs of individuals and the needs of the whole could both be met.

Before then, I thought either one or the other is sacrificed. I now know that this experience of “differentiated wholeness" is an indicator of a transformation to an organization or community with a new story of who it is and who belongs. It makes room for more aspects of itself. 

OST creates the ground for individual expression, in which showing up authentically is valued (as opposed to a common, tragic, unspoken norm that we need to stay quiet in order to belong). In the process of being ourselves, people discover deeper connections to each other. And that causes a shift in the cultural story of who we are as a whole. 

In short, OST creates the space for the full voiced self, connection with others, and sense of being of a larger whole.


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> On Mar 19, 2018, at 10:40 AM, Marai Kiele via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Do you know what the core is, of what has drawn you to OST?
> Last year I came across a word that describes both, a phenomena I have experienced and cherished in OST as well as something that has turned out to be a key ingredient to successful teams:
> 	Psychological Safety
> The term was coined by Amy Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management, Harvard Business School.
> It is referred to in a study by Google, which they undertook to understand what distinguishes their successful teams from those who do so-so.
> Anyone interested in the subject… more here by Google:
> 	https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZlSq_Hf08M <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZlSq_Hf08M>
> "Psychological Safety" means team members are safe to take risk and be vulnerable in front of others. They know it’s okay or even requested to speak up, disagree, admit mistakes, ask „stupid“ questions or share a crazy idea. All of this without the fear of loosing „belonging“ or lessen one's status within a group.
> In the study this has proven to be by far the most important ingredient for successful team work, even more important than dependability, meaning, impact…
> Years back, I found this beautifully described in other words by Tova Averbuch, in her TEDx talk „Opening Space to Collective Wisdom“ (hello Tova! :-) ) 
> She opens with the words „To be or to belong“—a tension that I know very well: Being fully myself or belonging to a group seemed often in conflict. Especially during my time in the corporate world as a product manager. Tova describes how in OST she has found both together: „being AND belonging". As I have, too.
> Back to my opening question: Do you know what the core is, of what has drawn you to OST?
> I have realised that the phrase „psychological safety“ describes that. That which is at the core of what has drawn me to OST. Something I am dedicated to since years. For myself and in creating spaces for others.
> I am eager to explore this topic with others, both on this list as in real time conversations. I’ll post a session in tomorrows „Tuesday Open Space Hotline“. 
> Anyone else interested in this topic, please come to the OS Hotline OR write on this list OR reach out to me directly.
> From a sunny and cold evening in Bielefeld, Germany,
> Marai
> https://about.me/maraikiele <https://about.me/maraikiele>
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