[OSList] What is y/our biggest vision for OST ?

Skye Hirst skyeh at autognomics.org
Thu Mar 1 09:12:57 PST 2018

I just found this poem,  I think I wrote it, not sure,  but sounds

Come into opening the circle of Living processes
Where life appears mysterious and wonderful
Where "can'ts"  do find "how-tos."
Where the diversity of us together
Is far more than the sum of the parts.

And it is something to do with us being embodied living beings - to-gather

Thank you so for your thoughtful inviting.....oh heck,  opening the space

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 6:33 AM, Marai Kiele via OSList <
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> Dear colleagues,
> Are you interested in fresh thinking regarding OST?
> Are you interested in making it better?
> I recently participated in the WOSonOS planning meeting and ever since
> I’ve been wondering:
> What could make me eager to go to Iceland?
> Right now, I am not eager. Yet.
> I have already been to three WOSonOS (2003 in Svenmark, 2005 in Canada,
> 2010 in Berlin) and several OSonOS.
> I don’t need another OST just to share some practices, experiences,
> stories.
> Just to see old friends (while I love meeting old friends!). Just to make
> new friends (while I love making new friends!).
> But none of this evokes the desire to go to Iceland for WOSonOS from me.
> How about you?
> So I’ve been contemplating:
> What would I need to happen there, so that I create the money and time to
> go?
> What would need to have evolved, so that afterwards I will celebrate
> having been there?
> Today I listened to a podcast by Seth Godin, who I appreciate for his
> honest and brilliant approach to marketing.
> Regarding the grandest possible vision for OST I invite you to listen to 1
> minute:
>         http://hear.sethpodcast.com/?_branch_match_id=353283807642880233
>         Stopp what is playing automatically
>         Scroll down to the episodes and start „The Grand Opening"
>         Listen to 10:57 - 11:58
> Please take 1,5 minutes, listen first, than continue reading. Thank you.
>         *
> So referring to what he shared and applying it to OST:
> Can OST actually be made better?
> I know there is a strong perspective of every change = making it worse.
> I once thought that way. Not anymore.
> What if there actually were many things to make it better?
> Be it in the format, the marketing, how it is integrated into business…
> So that we relax and trust that… slowly and naturally… some day soon…
> everyone is going to know about it?
> And what could this year's WOSonOS have to do with it?
> Just wondering…
> Any thoughts, feelings, further questions?
> PS - some of you may remember me:
> I am located in Germany, back on this list after many years of absence. I
> was pretty active in this community starting in 2003… Left several years
> ago.
> One: I wasn’t learning as intensely as before and had a sense that the
> space for fresh thinking was closing.
> Two: Other topics captured my passion, including the Genuine Contact
> approach - which integrates OST and made it better ;-) - so I believe...
> With curiosity to explore together,
> Marai
> https://about.me/maraikiele
> http://genuinecontact.net/members/marai-kiele/
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