[OSList] Invitation questions for alumni network

Harrison Owen hhowensr at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 13:44:50 PST 2018

I might think of something like: "Unfinished Business -- Issues and opportunities? Question is simple. Where are you going from here? If you already know, don't bother to come. If you don't have a clue, you might find some friends for the Journey." Or something.


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Hello all,

I’m hosting an open space for a network of scholarship alumni, with very interesting people from the diverse fields of entrepreneurship, farming, musical arts and science.

Considering the potential of this network (of more than 200 people of ages ~ 22-60) I’m intrigued with what may come out of it with peer initiative. I’m now in front of crafting an invitation and am pondering what question/s could inspire first-timers to attend. We had an open space for the first time last year too and pretty much everyone who attended liked it. Still, most of the folks are yet to experience os. 

Will you tell me what comes up for you?



All is possible together
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