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christopher macrae chris.macrae at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 2 16:01:52 PST 2018

i am totally underwhelmed by wikipedia's info on open space - can anyone help  improve this  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Space_Technology  or suggest other ways we can action happy birthday harrison -

warning the following is intentionally not for those who believe political parties can solve urgent issues american youth need most,--apologies i understand ;positivism is a hallmark of ost facilitation but i am just a reporter of what concerns me:while mailing does anyone know the people at Home - RootsCamp - every 2 years they run a 2000+ person open space which happens to have been running in baltimore this weekend - a city where friends and  i have several deep pro bono connections linked to the communities where thurgoodmarshall was born and worked - if anyone is passing through 
-baltimore failed to get amazon hq2 but cristal city VA's piece of washington DC succeeded- if anyone has ideas on how to stage in washington dc region an open space that attracts all tech people who could app real community stuff always like to discuss that chris.macrae at yahoo.co.uk  -in other words is there a way to change dc from trump's least sustainable capital in the world to something americans particularly women could celebrate linking into?
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