[OSList] Happy Birthday Harrison!

Tova Averbuch tova.averbuch at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 23:34:10 PST 2018

Happy birthday Harrison,

Thank you for changing my life

Thank you for laying the foundation, nourishing with love and accurate attention all of the  little sprouts coming out of your way of being, doing, thinking and teaching.

My the universe pay you back for the beauty you made visible

With love





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Happy birthday Harrison!


The students who were at the WosonOS in Reykjavik are organising an open space with their learning community to implement OS principles in the educational program. Thank you for making this possible.

Warm wishes from the Netherlands


Tonnie van der Zouwen




Verzonden vanaf mijn Samsung Galaxy-smartphone.


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Many happy returns Harrison.  Happy returns to Maine, to Open Space, to this community that loves you, to the people you cherish.  May you stop for a moment today to feel the love and respect and admiration coming your way.



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Dear Harrison,


Posted this pic on Open Space Facebook!  Sharing it here.  With love and life gratitude, wishing you a magical "be prepared to be surprised" day!


With love and many hugs,



<Facebook Card Happy Birthday Harrison.png>








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