[OSList] Wosonos 2018 program plan

Kári Gunnarsson kortleggur at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 17:26:43 PDT 2018

I like to present the program plan for the Wosonos 2018, see below

We are already having registrations from at least China, Sir Lanka, Israel,
The European Countries, USA, Canada and inquiries from a few other
countries. It will be an exciting event where talent and experience are
faced with the tasks of the urgent challenges we are working with and
deliberations on how we can share our learnings on meeting them. Join us in
Iceland 2018 for October 22-24 with a registration at

Our schedule is as follows:

October 21. The day before:
17:00 Unofficial get together in Reykjavik before the Wosonos

October 22. Day one:
09:00 am - morning coffee and arrival (whoever comes)
09:30 am - opening circle
- Session
- Lunch
- Sessions
17:00 Evening news
18:00 End of day one (if it is over)
- Self-organized evening

October 23. Day two:
9:00 am - morning coffee
9:30 am - morning news
- Sessions
- Lunch
- Sessions
16:30 Evening circle
17:00 End of day two
- Evening program: Dinner at 20:00

October 24. Day 3:
09:30 am - morning coffee
10:00 am - morning circle
- Convergence and initiatives
- Lunch
14:00 Where is the next Wosonos?
- Evening news and deliberations
- Closing circle
17:00 End of day 3
- Self-organized evening
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