[OSList] A Question About Safety

Harrison Owen hhowen at verizon.net
Tue Aug 21 11:28:10 PDT 2018

Hi David... I guess the question for me would be: What do you mean by safe? If safe mean something like total stasis where nothing changes and everything is known in advance -- then I am sure self organization, which is actually just another name for evolution, would be slithery slow. After all, evolution/self organization proceeds relative to the challenges it faces. No challenge/ no proceeding. But I can't imagine any situation on this planet/solar system/galaxy/cosmos that ever achieves stasis except maybe when it is all over and dead as a door nail. And then who cares? Or maybe we will... but from another dimension. Or whatever.


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Greetings all, 

I have questions about safety related to self-organization I would love others thoughts on. 

Is it possible for an environment can be too safe to support self-organization? Can safety be at such a high level that it inhibits or slows down the self-organizing process?

I'm very interested to hear others perspectives.

Best to all,


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