[OSList] Is there experience in developing Open Space further in organizations and networks after the initial intervention

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Rob – you have identified one of the most curious aspects of dealing with clients and/or potential clients regarding Open Space. It’s too simple. Couldn’t possibly happen, and doesn’t cost enough. I had one (major) corporate client who told me to double my fee otherwise, he said, he couldn’t possibly get the contract through the front office. I did what he asked and always felt rather guilty about it all. But he was very happy, and of course the Open Space “worked” as usual. For obvious reasons all names are withheld to protect the innocent and gullible J




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Harrison, the process is so comfortable ie sitting in circles, speaking when there is something to say, listening to others, keeping our minds open to insights and differences etc.  Yes we do it all the time!  Therein lies an issue for those looking for the “silver” bullet from “outside” as the promise we can make is for an opportunity to explore issues and opportunities associated with a particular question we have little control on what might come and we have faith in the community of concern will have the best ways of dealing with their concern.  Sometimes it is a “road to Damascus experience and most of the time it is an insight that needs to be explored.   This raises another issue for those who think the one meeting will be all that is required and blindly race into the future thinking that change is something that others do.  Opening the space is more a process than an event and seeing / believing in this is one of the main stays of Open Space along with the faith that within the community of concern we have the power to implement insights and directions gained from empowering the community to “live”.



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Thanks for your reflections Harrison!

Rachel Naomi Remen also speaks about 'who and what' we already are:

"The power to repair the world is already in you."
"In befriending life, we do not make things happen according to our own design. We uncover something that is already happening in us and around us and create conditions that enable it. Everything is moving toward its place of wholeness. Befriending life requires that we listen for that potential which is trying to actualize itself over time. … It is not about mastering life, controlling it or exerting our will over it, no matter how well intentioned our will may be. … It means listening to life from the place in us that is connected to the wholeness around us. The place in us that is also whole."
—Rachel Naomi Remen, My Grandfather's Blessings

I assume this is somewhat in line with your thinking? Maybe 'blessing' a space, or an organization, is a way to open it further? And it opens yourself. Just a thought.

Thanks again,
/Jan Höglund, Sweden


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