[OSList] The art of invitation video_two small tips_ideas you found along the way?

Eleder_BuM eleder.aurtenetxe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 00:08:26 PDT 2018

Hi friend, how are you?

Sage words about invitation on this 2´ video ("The art of invitation
<https://vimeo.com/208233347>"). You probably already know them. It´s good
to remember, anyway.

*"...A good invitation stands from a real need......The conversation starts
long before the meeting starts....*

*...Invitation itself is an action...*
*...Invitation as an action and a personal practice."*

(I realize that I lately facilitate less OS events and I spend more time
embodying OS/life, and invitation as a personal practice. Happy with this.)

*How much I have got, with time, to enjoy the invitation process!*
Specially when I´m (partially) a promoter of an Open Space, which happens
to happen to me more and more (facilitating less OS events,
facilitating/acompanying more processes in which I really feel the need and
suitability of opening space).

You know this feeling? Previous weeks and days to an OS event when
-"should"- know-about-this-gathering" constantly pops into your head*, you
write names down, you are *inspired *with new ways of inviting,...

* A very simple one I would like to share: if you have designed some kind
of poster  to fix on walls, print and *have all the time on you *some*
pocket copies *(DIN A6 or so) *of the poster* all the time, and go out much
to places you know and places you are a bit of an stranger.

Now and again, you´ll happen to meet people to whom the issue is
interesting, and on the chat. you can hand them out a pocket copy (they´ll
remember it better, they can hand the paper out again,...).

* Another one, about *posters *we sometimes post on walls. Instead of
taking all the job of fixing them all or paying for someone would do it
with no much passion,* take a good amount of them and 2-3 friends to wander
around *your big town/city/regional capital,... fix some of them on the
good places, and, as you walk from place to place, you´ll sure *happen to
meet friends *or people you know,...*distribute *some postersand ask them *to
place them on their areas*/towns/workplaces,... all this* in a playful
way *that
comes naturally (remember, you yourself are eager for the event, really

You take less work, you start the invitation, people may feel empowered,
you get to know new people and start surpriseful encounters... really funny!

Would you like to share tips for the invitation process, the small ones you
discovered along the way?

Enjoy this beautiful day,

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