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This is not the first time for this conversation… The simple truth: Old habits die very hard. The habit of thinking/hoping/wishing/knowing that somebody is in charge doesn’t play very well in Open Space. And so the predictable arrives as prognosticated. Or something.


Some find this ongoing situation an occasion to defend the process. I can understand the feeling, but I am quite sure it is not worth the energy. Open Space/self organization will do quite well all by itself, as it has for millennia. But there is a sadness, which on occasion expresses itself (at least in me) as anger. I find the ignorance and arrogance of those “meeting planners” to be totally appalling. The massive disrespect of the participants manifest in the presumption that they (the “planning Committee”) alone possess the keys to knowledge and action… that they alone could ask the pertinent questions for which they will supply the only answers, personally or through imported “experts.”  --  is soul numbing. Sad.




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Don’t call it Open Space  if it’s not Open space!!


Another thing.. I visited my first ”Bar camp” a week ago. Oh my how frustrated I was with the control! Imagine that we had to stand up and  tell our name and two topic that we would like to talk about (without any obligation to bring them up). After that the ones who wanted to raise a topic - stod up and read what s/he wanted to talk about in the 45 min breakout sessions. Then we were asked to raise our hands if we thought that topic was a good idea  - and not if it’ wasn’t… Just imagine standing up front of all participants with a topic and no one raised their hand…!

Nothing was said about how to collect the recordings so there was a big confusion about that. Every breakout session was 45 min and when the time was out - the ”facilitator” came in the different rooms and announced that the time was over…

And of course no circles , just tables. Can you imagine me as being an Open Space ”fundamentalist” being oh so much frustrated…

Oh my - what an interesting experience …




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Classic - "There’s a twist in this version with the inclusion of a process that gives the organizers a little more control over the agenda."


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