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Dear friends and colleagues,

Following is what is being circulated about the memorial service for Chris
Weaver on Sunday. Chris once had a vision to develop a special school in
the Olivette Community and wrote a book about it "Living School Design 1.0:
Principles, Structures, Methodologies. Note that the memorial service
includes a talking circle and I can imagine hundreds of people there, with
each one wanting to say how much Chris touched them personally, heart to
heart, soul to soul, and with wisdom

For those of us who knew him, we also knew he suffered a lot. Two days ago,
he chose to leave. His suffering outweighed his joy.

Chris also wrote Heart of the Canoe: Story, Ceremony, and the
Transformation of Suffering <http://www.theheartofthecanoe.org/>. I believe
purchasing this book is a beautiful way to honor him and to learn from his
heart. The theme of transformation from suffering was a significant theme
in his life.The first two sentences in the book say a lot "This is the
story of a journey. Like the sound of water, it bears the echoes of many
other journeys, remembered and unremembered told and untold, weaving

Blessings for Chris in his journey to the light,

*Subject:* *Chris Weaver's Memorial Service*

Dear friends,

I know you share my grief at the loss of our beloved Chris Weaver.  There
is a hollow in my heart as I write this.

Some of you know that I work for St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Chunn's
Cove under The Rev. Patty Mouer, who is rector there.  Patty is a long time
friend of Chris and Rhett's and will be leading Chris's memorial service,
which will be held this Sunday, September 24, at 3:00 at the Olivette
Community, 31 White Rose Lane, Asheville, NC 28804
The service will begin at 3:00 p.m., followed by a talking circle, where
friends will have an opportunity to speak if they wish to.  After the
service, a potluck dinner and game of Capture the Hoops has been planned.
I am in charge of getting the potluck organized, and this is where I need
help and am reaching out to my Evergreen friends.

For the potluck, we have created two "crews":  Paula Hennon has agreed to
head the Setup Crew, and Debra Kiliru-Liontree has agreed to head the
Cleanup Crew.  We already have a few signed up for setup, but we need help
with cleanup and a number of other things, including people to sign up for
paper products and flowers.  I do not know how many people to expect, but
think we should be prepared for possibly 500-600 people--we may have 300
leftover plates but I'd rather have too many than not enough.  Tables and
table linens are being provided.

Debra has set up a Google doc for easy signup; use this link
(if the link isn't working, you can also cut and paste
  if you are able to help, we greatly appreciate it.  Please share this
email and help get the word out;  I don't have many people's email

Much love to all of you today.

Julie Mascarella


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