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Dear Birgitt.

I am so deeply sad to hear about Chris. It will be a regret of a lifetime
that I never got to meet him in person.

Years ago, Chris and Ashley Cooper and Eiwor and Jeff Aitken and I spent
some exquisite months together touching minds and hearts from our different
parts of the world, in the Open Space of Chris' long gone blog, Metaphorest

Here is a poem he sent me when he decided to spend less time online and
close his blog. So many blessings. So so sad.

*candlemas *
for christy
Feb 3 2005

*The project of building is the project of ten thousand lifetimes.but
looking deeply, we see it has already been realized.The wonderful wheel of
transformation is always leading us ahead.Take my hand and you will see
that we have been present togetherfor a long time in this wonderful
existence* — Thich Nhat Hanh

placing in your hands a message
not sealed like an envelope, but open
like a flower:

i have arrived
i am home

home safe, home free

journeys there are
on the cliff-edge above the sea
that require leaving home,
that require their own ending

through my smoldering thickets i returned
to these exquisite ruddy stone garden walls,
stepped through the archway

beloved eyes met, beloved hands touched,
an ancient branch of seed pods was given me,
each pod the keeper of a fierce
& delicate rainbow flame.
*did you not know*, she asked,

*that this is yours,that each flames’ life breatharrives through you?*

this anxiety today
moment of candlemas
home safe, home free
each breath a prayer
alight in gratitude
in transformation
a blessing sent
a blessing

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> Ah very sad. Thank you for posting the news Birgitt. Chris shared his
> remarkable creative soul with us and this was such a gift. Blessings on all
> touched by him.
> Jeff
> San Francisco
> On Sep 21, 2017 4:23 PM, "Birgitt Williams via OSList" <
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>> dear friends and colleagues,
>> I have not seen posts about the passing of our good friend Chris Weaver
>> and so with deep respect and love for Chris, I note his passing here.
>> Funeral will be Sunday in Asheville, North Carolina for this truly
>> beautiful man who contributed so much to humanity, especially the
>> youth....and to all of us who knew him.
>> Feeling such profound sadness,
>> Birgitt
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