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Thank you.  Yes, I would do an opening.


One of the things that concerns me is that the whole Marketplace could fill before the opening.  I could have them take down their topics and describe them, but I guess I’m concerned about lack of spontaneity and whether that would have a negative impact on the experience.


--- Jean


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Yes. The only issue with a large conference is that people often forgot what they posted, when and where and so on. In my experience You still need to do an opening if you want everyone to be really ground in their responsibility. 





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Yesterday I was the convener for a very large Open Space.  At the closing circle, there were requests for modifications next year.  This OS has been occurring at an annual conference that has formal, pre-selected papers sessions on the first day.  One request for next year was to put the Marketplace on the wall the day of the formal sessions, and allow OS attendees so post sessions on the Marketplace based on questions/ideas that come up on the first day.  Assume we will have 400 to 450 attendees next year and space for 21 to 28 OS sessions.


Does anyone have experience with populating a Marketplace in this way?


--- Jean




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