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Hi Jean,

I am one of the organizers of the OSACON (Opening Space for Agility) 
conference event happening this coming Wednesday- tomorrow.

Yes, you can buy multiple tickets, and when you do the system will ask 
for the details (name email etc) of each person for each ticket you buy. 
I just tested it to make sure it works for you. Send me an email if you 
have any questions OK?


Those of you unfamiliar with the event can learn more and consider 
attending here: www.OSACON.com

It's an **online** Open Space aimed at applying Open Space (or better) 
at improving current results with Agile.

(a rather large and growing opportunity for improvement.)

The event also provides a primary way for people to find and meet each 

The theme of tomorrow's event is "Opening space for emerging greatness"

Here's one way to translate this theme:

  * *Opening Space*: “affording and accommodating open discussion and
    open dialogue.”
  * *Emerging*: “to come into view” or “become apparent”
  * *Greatness*: “the abundance of goodness” (hat tip to Jim McCarthy
    for this definition.)

So we might macro-expand this Theme, to say:

*“…Affording and accommodating open discussion and open dialogue, for 
the abundance of goodness to come into view, or become apparent”*

What does it take to get to legitimately GREAT results in an Agile 
context? What are the markers and characteristics?
How do you know when the Agile is legitimately great?
The wider question of course is “how do we to get there?”.

That’s the subject of this event.

You are invited! I hope to see you there!

Wishing a nice day to all!


On 9/4/17 2:39 PM, Jean Richardson via OSList wrote:
> I just registered for the OSACON on 9/6.  I am trying to find an 
> organizer who can tell me whether I can host multiple people 
> co-located with me on my ticket.  Anyone here know anyone there?
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