[OSList] What happens after Open Space? Any case studies on this?

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Chris----You can make it all infinitely complex… which usually results in goooo.


1) What do you need to do (first step) ?

2) Who has the passion and accepts the responsibility? – doesn’t have to be a single person, could be a bunch. 

3) What do they need? (resources)>


Given purpose, personnel and resources == what else to you need?


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Hi Meredith. 


For me the ideal time to ask this question is while you are planning the open space. It all has to do with purpose.

Perhaps what you could do now is look at why you needed to have an open space in the first place. If you go back and have that conversation, it might help you to think about how to use the results of the event.

What is it that made it necessaryto call an open space in the first place? When you were thinking of using the method in the beginning what results did you imagine? How were you thinking that the open space would affect your organizations work?

These questions might now help you to frame the action plan going forward. 








On Mar 15, 2017, at 1:26 PM, Meredith Woolard via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:


My company recently held a very successful Open Space and we are now wondering “what happens next?”. After people have had the conversations and shared ideas, is there any mechanism or case studies of that being the START of a larger project or opportunity to make a positive change? Does anyone in this group have any ideas or case studies they could share? We’re looking for ideas on how to best move the ball forward. 


Thank you!



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