[OSList] Open Space on Open Space May 2017 in Vlotho, Germany

Michael M Pannwitz via OSList oslist at lists.openspacetech.org
Tue Mar 14 04:07:47 PDT 2017

Dear LIST,

if you are interested in an Open Space on Open Space in Germany May 4 
through May 7 this year (Thursday Evening through Sunday Noon) click on 
this link

> http://www.meine-openspace-praxis.de/osonos.html

There you find further links to
--- an announcement with all details
> http://www.meine-openspace-praxis.de/Dateien/open%20space%20Flyer.pdf

--- an online registration form
> http://www.lwl.org/lja-download/fobionline/Anmeldung/anmelden_internet.php?anmeldID=1005713

In case you have gotten this far and your highschool German has faded, 
the following is an introduction to the May gathering in a language 
perhaps more familiar to you: the design of the event, who is invited, 
the sponsors, the venue, the facilitator... :

This OSonOS will be in the "classical" (no frills, no gags, plain open 
space) design -  the whole Friday and Saturday to busy ourselves with 
whatever issues are posted, all wrapped up in a "Reading and 
Augmentation" phase on Saturday afternoon for a complete documentation, 
followed by an Action Space for projects on Sunday morning and closing 
with lunch. The whole documentation will be distributed in the week 
after the event.
It being a German "opens space über open space", German will be used. 
Other languages will be accomodated by what always turns up in OST 
events: selforganisation.
(Believe it or not, some folks who heard of the possibility of this 
event have been studying German... including a chap from the Basque 

Invited are both those that are involved with open space and others that 
have heard about it but had little exposure and those "studying" open 
space. Folks who have been involved with open space are those that have 
participated in events, sponsored such for specific themes or for their 
own organisations, planned them (planning teams), facilitated events, 
worked in os-Teams... with the intention to get the "diverse os system" 
to gather for exploring, reflecting, searching and taking on projects.
After all, OST is an action-orienting approach.

Sponsors are Heidrun Kaiser of the Jugendhof Vlotho and Michael M 
Pannwitz. Both of us will participate in the OSonOS (one of the rare 
opportunities to be participants and to be in a full-fledged event with 
surprises galore).

Our venue is the "Jugendhof Vlotho". Founded in 1946 by the British 
Liberation Forces with the aim to provide for democratic political 
education of German youth. This venue was a training camp for Hitler 
Youth Leaders until the end of Nazi Germany. Here a picture of part of 
the venue (the large ost-space is in the modern building on the left, 
the half-timbered house is a traditional farm building that has a grand 
space for parties and dancing with a large wood burning fireplace)
> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugendhof_Vlotho#/media/File:Vlotho-LWL-Jugendhof.jpg

For the complete story, see
> https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jugendhof_Vlotho

The "Jugendhof" is a tested open space venue. They hosted a Training 
(the 5 day variety), 5 Learning Exchanges (OSonOS) and several os events 
for their own causes... the most recent one as part of their 70th 
anniversary as the oldest political education institution in postwar 
Germany. It was at the anniversary that they suggested to have another 
OSonOS on their premises.
The Jugendhof has a central space with a view of the gardens for up to 
130 in open space plus many breakout spaces, a kitchen crew that enjoys 
catering os-style (food and drink available at all times) with housing 
on the premises for up to 65 participants... and good contacts and 
contracts with nearby hotels and bed and breakfast places if more folks 
need accomodations.
It is located on a hill overlooking the river Weser and right next to 
the remnants of an ancient "Burg" with a restaurant and outdoor services 
with a view of the river below...

Our facilitator is a  seasoned open space practitioner, see here
> http://www.openspaceworldmap.org/worker/yaari-pannwitz

Have a great day and see you in May

Michael M Pannwitz
Draisweg 1, 12209 Berlin, Germany
++49 - 30-772 8000

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