[OSList] OS online facilitators for hire?

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I also do this work, using Zoom or MaestroConference. The latter works better for larger groups (40 or more), and has “true” law of two feet capabilities, but is usually audio only (though they are beta-testing video form breakouts too). Happy to collaborate with both of you. In my experience, you need multiple hosts to do this well.


I have also done OS engagements that weave in “asynchronous” conversations as well, and that stretch the process out over a week or even a month.


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Hello how are you  I usually work on line with Zoom.us and with it you can have a large group and divide teh group in smalle groups. Y can  work with this tool. I usually use it for Groupe de Codeveloppement since 2011 and I often have around 10 participants.

 I have also several experiences as a participant in larger groups using this zoom and the last one was a world Café with around  50 participants. I am an OS facilitator .

If you want we can talk about this topic. 

We can make an appointment if you want?


2017-03-12 11:47 GMT-06:00 James Sheldon via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org <mailto:oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> >:

I remember a while back attending an online open space (offered through collaborative meeting software with multiple rooms) that was being professionally facilitated by a facilitator who offered online OS's to the community at a rather reasonable rate.  Does anyone know of someone who might fit this bill?  (It doesn't have to be the same person...)


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