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*New mind for New Government By and For the People*

*What is happening and how?*

Winning, at all costs, to what end?  What mediates such excess, and drive?  The
answer is lots of people who care about something other than JUST
winning.  When
there are people with lots of money who want more of lots of money, when
the ends justify the means, we get a fools game like we’ve witnessed in the
US Congress.  We can point to that set of events and say how is this

*A world breaking down*

Constellations of events have converged to create a world that doesn’t
work, a world that breaks down trust, hope, morale and ethics agreements of
centuries in the making. For example; rule of law, checks and balances
between branches of government, rules against nepotism, no conflict of
interest in leadership roles, regulation where the masses are protected
against the control of the few (monopolies) control of public air ways
(FCC), and communication rights (TV, Radio, Cable and now Internet),
Protection of Environment for all (EPA) to name but a few.

*Totalitarianism in the making*

When there is no one to do the protecting, when the police and military
become those in charge with no counter balance of justice or consequence,
when leadership is singularly driven by acts of self-aggrandizement, using
money, legal minds who can work around the laws, and psychological trickery
to manipulate people vulnerable to advertizing, persuasion by distractions,
anxieties and fears, then you have what we have today, a totalitarianism in
the making.  The people who are participating unwittingly in this making
are like fools in play land; US Congressional players with their hands in
the pot grabbing what greed wants as the system falls apart.

*Becoming a counter balance*

Maybe a new idea is to wake up, to re-member – by being an active counter
balance, an antidote, to provide energy for new direction, actually, with
renewed capacity, to be a government by the people, and for the people.  Can
there exist a government such as this?  Even if the American ideal was just
that, an experiment in the making, can what was put in place by founding
fathers be re-invented with new minds that have deeper understanding of how
life works, how consciousness creates structures from spirit of intention,
from highest values of inclusion, valuing life-itself as highest value,
(inalienable rights)?  To make choices that are life-giving, that grow, not
kill, that support, not constrain, that free, not entrap, that create hope,
trust, and working together towards what works for the whole good of
life-itself in which we all share.

*Growing a New Mind*

How this can occur, many here know already, is best exemplified by Open
Space Technology.

Harrison Owen put a name to this living process he describes as Open Space
Technology. Over twenty years ago, he began to talk of this universal
process that goes on in nature, plays out over and over again when certain
conditions arrise. People closest to the work to be done, people most
impacted by what needs to change, come together, sit in a circle, listen to
their own passions and knowing and find ways to act with new awareness.
Through listening, being responsible for what needs to happen, plans for
actions emerge. Often action begins immediately in times of crisis. Leaders
emerge around projects and work to be done. Hearts and minds are changed
with new ways of knowing the situation at hand reveal.  Movement towards
harmonization happens with no controllers, no force required.

This is a dynamic inherent in life where people are driven by intentions
for life, liberty, and freedom to pursue one’s happiness, to follow one’s
“self-law” (acts of autonomy,) while doing so in collaboration with others
doing the same, like cells in our bodies.

I like how In Open Space Technology we can re-member and experience the
process of growing this *new mind for government for the people, and by the
people *every time we participate in it.

There are a few things to point out here that seem to occur naturally,
obvious, as they may be to many reading this.

1) There is *passion* around an issue that draws people together in
physical or digital space and time.

2) An *urgency* to action exists.

3) An *invitation is extended* to all those stakeholders who have a stake
in that passion and that urgency.

4) People *sit in a circle*, metaphorically or in real space-time reality,
take time to pause, reflect on reason for coming together, what brought
each to this moment and time.

5) The *circle is open* for people to begin their quest to find questions,
answers, and debate, resolve, and emerge with insights, actions for dealing
with the situation at hand.

Self-knowing actions

With minimum structure, no controls other than “self-knowing, self-law
actions” work gets done, plans made, spirits lifted, collaborations
generated, teams organized, leaders show up, a swell of possibility or
confrontation with “oh shit we don’t have a clue, but we will have a clue”
together this day, this time, this now as we truly “get” what power lives
in this process.

*Reminding people of their own power*

Folks are invited to use their own discernment of where and when to engage,
to take responsibility for getting what they need, and contributing, as
they feel drawn to do.  This is fondly called using *Law of two feet*.  If
you are not feeling engaged, neither contributing, nor learning, then take
yourself to where you are.

*Whoever comes* are the people meant to be in that circle because they are
the ones whose passion caused them to act, to show up.  The rest takes care
of itself, by folks following their own self-law to make it happen.

*We have all what is needed to act – now*

Our *natural* human capacities have only marginally been accessed, I
believe.  We need to work with deeper understanding of this capacity that
each living human being possesses right now.  We don’t need to take a
course, study how to do it, or have some “smart” person tell us how it
works.  All human beings are already equipped with everything needed to act
with collective intelligence.  It’s just that we need to be reminded, and
called into circle to live the experience of it, some for the first time,
some re-newing their knowledge.

How many circles can we open in the next few weeks?  I’ve been sensing that
the Open Space community has been readying for this moment.  Our role as a
community, with the collective experience and courage of this community is
to lead, encourage, free and provide the ground swell to remind every
single human being of the inherent collective intelligence they were born
with to act, to be this new government by and for the people - Now.

In support of the up-coming *Peace and Peak Performance* weekend in NYC, I
encourage all who can to bring their passions, their sense of urgency and
join with others ready to do this work.  I resolve for 2018 a renewed
commitment to this amazing *living* process called Open Space
Technology.  Bring
your passion and let’s meet up now.

Skye Hirst, skyeh at autognomics.org.

*About the author: Skye Hirst is one of the founders of the Autognomics
Institute Inc. She brings her empirical experience from coaching,
organzational consulting, inquiry circles, healing and working with people
up close and personal for 39 years*

*Skye Hirst, PhD*
President - The Autognomics Institute
*Conversations in Radical Self-Knowing*

*"Nature ever flows, stands never still. Motion or change is her mode of
*- Ralph Waldo Emerson*
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