[OSList] Mother's Who make.

Phelim McDermott phelim at mac.com
Sun Dec 3 05:51:16 PST 2017

Dear friends, Space Openers, Mothers, Artists, and anyone else who may have found either mothers or art to be an important part of your life..

I'm sharing here some exciting news about my wife Matilda’s ongoing project. "Mothers who make". Matilda has been opening space for mothers who are also artists and don’t want to undervalue either important role in their lives. She has been doing this for nearly four years now. The sessions are incredibly valuable for mums who often feel isolated and whose art gets pushed out by circumstance and the world. The work has been so far unfunded but they have finally secured Arts Council money to expand the network. They are also crowdfunding to match the funding they raised. Do check out the video and share if you get the chance. You Will also see our children Riddley and Tenar’s  skilful marketing pitch! Any support you can give however small helps them build the network and reach their goal to make this a growing network of valuable conversation and creativity. 


Love Phelim 

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