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Dear HO,

Warm birthday wishes and blessings for ongoing joy and vitality, and I hope
you had a stellar birth day!

Thank You Very Much for all the gifts of your birth, and now these latest
musings "In Awe of the Sacred."
I am especially touched by your sentence "*Caring creates time, meaningful
​ I have been thinking & talking with colleagues a lot lately about the
"care" part of healthcare & healthcare education, and about how time and
attention​ are necessary elements of care...and truly, allowing for
"meaningful time" can be powerful elemental medicine.

Ashley Cooper and I were just chatting last week about you, and the
profound gift that Open Space has been for each of us (*I had just
rediscovered a great interview she did with you in 2014 - transcribed here:
). We agreed that each of us felt like we were struck by lightening (in a
good way!) when we first encountered the practice / values / experience of
Open Space.
Or another way to describe it would be of stumbling unexpectedly into a
deep sense of being at home. Which to me is another one of the abundant
names of god.

I also very much appreciate your framing of Open Space as "*not a method,
procedure or process. It is pure invitation, and there is nothing there. It
is all question with not an answer in sight.*" Open Space and zen koan
meditation, which I am a fan of, have lots in common as I'm sure you know -
both ways of "sitting the question
​both ​
deeply playful, seriously hilarious, liberatory in a right here right now
way, so full of life and also not afraid of death. Like yerself, dear
The latest koan that my teacher-friend John gave a group of us
recently​: "*There
is nothing I dislike.*"
After sitting with it for a while, it did Open up into a sacred Space of
'this, here, is the right place; right now is the right time; this life is
my right life.'

love and thanks from VERY dark and drippy Seattle (where it is still Dec 2
for a little while longer)

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> I have been asked on occasions (by myself and others) what did I do –
> exactly. Truthfully I’ve never really had a good answer, but I’ve been
> trying. The latest effort may be viewed at http://openspaceworld.com/AweO
> fSacred_HarrisonOwen.pdf Please share if you care.
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