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Hi Daniel,

that´s an excellent offer.
We’re going to make it public.

Best regards

Am 20.03.2016/ Kw11 um 21:01 schrieb Daniel Mezick via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org>:

Greetings All,

You are cordially invited to attend a complimentary Q&A session on OSA, over ZOOM video, on April 5.

It's happening 6AM EST (GMT-5) to accommodate folks in Europe on or around lunchtime. 

The goal is to address your questions in a quick and lively 75-minute Q&A format. Live and online...

<Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 3.56.42 PM.png>

...OSA is a way to implement Agile in an Agile way, by iterating and then pivoting, based on direct experience. 

OSA uses Open Space to help facilitate this iterative process. 

I know this sounds ridiculously simple. 

It actually IS ridiculously simple, like Open Space itself... 

...But wait. There's much more. 

If you are new to OpenSpace Agility, you can get oriented here:
http://openspaceagility.com/about/ <http://openspaceagility.com/about/>

If you are already oriented, you can use the links below to register. I hope to see you there!


Q&A on OSA Online, April 5 @ 6AMEST (GMT-5)

I'm running a complimentary 75-minute session on April 5 for anyone that wants to explore OSA, interact with others, ask questions and get answers. It's happening 6AM EST (GMT-5) to accommodate folks in Europe on or around lunchtime.

I hope to see you there. You can register here: 
http://openspaceagility.com/osa/osa-training/ <http://openspaceagility.com/osa/osa-training/>

Q&A on OSA: ONLINE, Live, Instructor-Led, Interactive Video Events

Session Duration: 75 MINUTES

These lively Q&A sessions over LIVE VIDEO are an ongoing series of sessions designed to enable those considering OpenSpace Agility. The sessions are designed to handle your questions after you have previously absorbed the OSA basics. We typically have a guest speaker during the last 30 minutes, for example a sponsoring exec who has used OSA, or an Agile Transformation Lead who has led an Agile adoption in their org using OSA as the primary tool for (self) managing an organizational transition.

This is a live-session. We use ZOOM video.

Some good reasons for participating in the [Q&A on OSA] event include:

--An opportunity to hear from others around the world, who are exploring invitation-based culture technology and leadership tools.
--The low time commitment needed to take the next step…
--An opportunity to get some of your more advanced questions answered;
--An opportunity to investigate OSA committing to an OSA Workshop

Each Q&A event is unique, and so are the questions. This is not a pre-fab, canned-presentation. No. It is more like a peppy, live-classroom conversation between colleagues. This is a quick, convenient way to explore OSA beyond the website or beyond the OSA HANDBOOK.

[Q&A on OSA] is the place to get your questions answered and also meet others and explore the questions they are asking about implementing OpenSpace Agility.
You can register here:
http://openspaceagility.com/osa/osa-training/ <http://openspaceagility.com/osa/osa-training/>

Daniel Mezick
Culture Strategist. Author. Keynoter.
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Book: The OpenSpace Agility Handbook. <http://www.amazon.com/OpenSpace-Agility-Handbook-Daniel-Mezick/dp/0984875336> 
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