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I remember a guideline for a single room Open space. We have no tables at
all except for the coffee and food buffet. And we have 2,5 - 3 square
meters per participant (~ 25 - 30 square feet), then we can have endless
number of concurrent breakout session. For ever session that is added then
the space can self organize to accommodate the extra topics, the bees will
then populate all the topics. So for a group of up to 30 people then you
will be fine with a single room of 75 - 90 square meters (~750 - 900 square

A guide on if you should select the smaller space of 75 or the larger space
of 90 or somewhere in the middle, then I would consider the familiarity of
the participants for the topic and each other, the urgency of the topic and
the rivalry in opinions. with more urgency then we can get away with the
smaller space and people will not mind because of the urgency. And if there
are heated opinions then people will appreciate the extra space to move
them self to safety from the heated opinions in order to process there own

I do not like to restrict the opportunity for new topics to emerge for
sessions, we can always add more groups no mater how many people we have.

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> Robin, your question raised another one on the opposite end if the scale
> for me.  I'll be supporting a large Open Space event---500+.  Is there a
> guideline regarding number of sessions based on total attendance?
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> On Mar 16, 2016 5:16 AM, Robin E Brown via OSList <
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> I am in the process of negotiatng a venue for what I expect will be a
> relatively small OS. If I have 20-30 people, how many breakout rooms do I
> need?
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