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Birgitt -

Thank you for your curiosity about combining Open Space with Agility. I offer my perspective as a co-author of the OpenSpace Agility Handbook.

One way of combining Open Space and Agility is to hold an Open Space event whose theme is about Agile principles and practices, or about how well the attendees are applying Agility in their daily work. I have gained great insights and understanding from participating in this kind of event.  

Another way is to preface a period of experimentation with an Open Space event and then follow the experimentation period with another Open Space event. During the initial event the most important discussions and actions related to the theme emerge. Those actions serve to guide the period of experimentation, which could be deterministic or not. The following Open Space is a time to reflect on what has happened since the initial event and to figure out what to do next. This is the Prime/OS approach, which OpenSpace Agility applies to an Agile transformation or journey. 

Open Space bookends around a period of experimentation serve to enhance the learning rather than create dissonance - because of the power of Open Space, which I do not fully understand. 

Open Space and Agile are about self-organization. Unfortunately many organizations force Agile practices. Attempting to force self-organization makes little sense and seldom works. 

OpenSpace Agility uses Open Space to empower the members of the organization to self-organize around experimenting with Agile principles and practices and with whether and how to implement them in ways that provide value for the organization. And yes, it is critical for the leaders to support the Open Space plus Agile experience, preferably by becoming active participants. 


Mark Sheffield

> On Mar 5, 2016, at 8:54 AM, Birgitt Williams via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
> Hi Thomas…and colleagues who are following this thread,
> I hope you are open to having an exploration on this list about your concept of OpenSpace Agility and the offer you are creating. I see that you are a Art of Hosting professional, so I assume you have explored a lot about openness, spirit, holistic approach, and the essence behind inviting and engaging participation. And from your exploration, you have your own unique conclusions, as do we each from our personal reflections and contemplations as social scientists.
> I see that you say that you assume we know the power of Open Space, World Café and other approaches. I don’t agree with that assumption and I choose to speak up because when someone assumes that ‘we’ believe something, I think silence is a form of agreement. I suggest we are only in our infancy in understanding the power of these approaches and there is so much more to learn. I am curious about what you believe the power is.
> I see that you say that you assume we know the limitations of these methods in the daily work of an organization. Again, I don’t agree with that assumption as applying to myself. I am curious about what you believe the limitations are.
> I have experienced methods such as Open Space, World Café etc to be rooted in a holistic perspective. I have experienced Lean, Kanban, Scrum and other related methods to be rooted in a reductionist perspective. Each has its place and its usefulness based on the business goal. I am curious about how you are bridging the mix of something that is holistic in nature, to something that is reductionist in nature. I assume this bridging is part of your thinking so that there is not cognitive dissonance for the people involved. I am also curious about the plan to increase the capacity of leadership to cope with this mix.
> I look forward to your answers.
> Kind regards,
> Birgitt
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> Subject: [OSList] OpenSpace Agility: How Agile can be successful. First Workshop in Germany, June from 13th to 15th
> Hello everyone!
> We would like to invite you to a new framework for organizational change: OpenSpace Agility, made of OpenSpace and agile methods.
> „Now, as long as I have known about Agile, Scrum, etc. – it has been clear to me that „being Agile“ is simply being fully, consciously, intentionally self organizing. That is total High Performance. And Open Space happens to be (a) fast track to get „there“. Not by doing something unique, special, or weird … but simply by being what we already are. Self organizing.“
> Harrison Owen
> Lean, Kanban, Scrum … all these young methods indicates the need for lean and fast processes. On the other hand we know the power of Open Space, World Café and other approaches, but also their limitations in the daily work of an organization. Daniel Mezick, the pioneer of OpenSpace Agility found a way to combine the strengths of both approaches. 
> „OpenSpace Agility works for one simple reason: it generates extremely high levels of engagement across your entire organization. This engagement is essential to the success of your program and no other method generates more engagement than the OpenSpace Agility method.”
> Daniel Mezick
> We’re happy to bring Daniel Mezick for the first time to Germany in June this year, where he will teach us the concept and methods of OpenSpace Agility (in english).
> Who is invited:
> - Leaders
> - Scrumteams, ProductOwners and ScrumMasters
> - People from HR department
> - (AoH)Hosts, Facilitators and Consultants
> If you’re looking for a framework which allows you to combine the Art of Hosting approach with Agile, have a look at these websites:
> - www.openspaceagility.de (in german)
> - www.openspaceagility.com
> We would be happy to meet you in Munich from June, 13th to 15th
> Thomas Jäger, Caroline Rennie and Rolf Schneidereit on behalf of the Hosting team
> Thomas Jäger
> Art of Hosting Praktizierender
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> *** DieGastgeber.eu – Der Blog zum Art of Hosting für den deutschsprachigen Raum ***
> *** OpenSpaceAgilty – das Training! Zum erstenmal in Deutschland vom 13. bis 15. Juni in München ***
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