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Tue Mar 22 10:27:15 PDT 2016

Dear Friends of Open Space

We are very pleased to announce the release in French of the deck of cards
you may know: Group Pattern langage.
The Group pattern langage was created by a group of US facilitators who
gave it to the world with a creative common licence ( website
<http://groupworksdeck.org/> here)
With 2 colleagues, Jeremie from Switzerland and Juan-Carlos from Canada, we
translated it into French and found an editor who prints it and distribute
We've created a website dedicated to the cards : dynamiques-de-groupe.com

The cards are coming out in France and Switzerland next Friday , and will
be available in many bookstores for a few weeks.

Those beautiful cards show the many patterns we, as facilitators, can see
when a group works at its best.

There are many different ways to use those cards, and I'd love to hear how
you use it in your work. Would you share this with me ?

I'd wish all groups in the world would connect and use those patterns to
 have conversations and work together so that terrible events like the one
we experienced again today in Bruxelles does not happen again.
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