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Hi Rob,
I see, and am not surprised by the great offers of help.

I would appreciate receiving a note to the list about the parameters of
evidence based that you need to comply with. It is a rather broad topic and
institutions usually have a narrow definition of what they are looking for.


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> Hi, Rob -
> I’m on the road and may or may not see emails again until after August 1.
> SAGE Publications has an Encyclopedia of Action Research, and the entry on
> Facilitation names / mentions dialogic methods such as / including Open
> Space as useful to used in the action learning cycle. I am the author of
> that chapter. It’s possible that because these folks want evidence and
> something that makes them feel OST is ‘credible’ that they will feel
> comforted that it is mentioned in something called an encyclopedia. And
> mentioned in terms of Action Research, which educators often know as Action
> Learning.
> Thank you Rob for enriching our field with your own contributions to more
> understanding about Open Space and its use around the world,
> Lisa
> Lisa Heft
> Consultant, Facilitator, Educator
> Opening Space
>  Rob Lancaster via OSList wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> I'm doing a project looking at potential improvements to the design of a
>>>> one-year Public Policy Master's Program. One aspect is the peer-to-peer
>>>> learning and I want to promote participatory methods like OST. The
>>>> powers that be are all about the 'evidence base' so I'm wondering if
>>>> anyone could share any articles that have studied impact of OST in
>>>> specific situations (doesn't have to be in education setting)?
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> Rob
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