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Thanks Michael, great questions... just to build on them...

What does it take to be "in" our community if you wanted to be in it?
Who are we? Are we just practitioners and fans of Open Space, or 
something more, less?
Are we a community of practice?
Are we a learning community?
What is the nature of our "communion"?


On 7/18/16 3:21 PM, Michael Herman wrote:
> and...
> who is the/our community?  ...or communities?  ...or what kind of 
> communities are these communities?
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> On Mon, Jul 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Harold Shinsato via OSList 
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>     Dear People of Open Space:
>     The Open Space Institute of the U.S. has been "holding space for
>     open space" since at least 1997. It's origins lie in the summer of
>     1996, 20 years ago. In the beginnings, there were many serious
>     conversations in the community as to the role and mission of such
>     an institute, and that role has certainly evolved over the years.
>     The board has determined it is time for us to revisit our mission
>     and role, and especially to invite and trust the rest of the
>     community refresh and renew our purpose.
>     Rather than have a mission statement, we hope instead to have a
>     mission question. Or series of questions. What are the most
>     valuable and alive questions for our community right now, and for
>     the foreseeable future?
>     To start the "question storming", here are some questions that
>     have been reportedly asked deeply within our community in the
>     early days:
>     What is Open Space Technology?
>     What is Open Space?
>     What is Space?
>     And here are some practical questions that would help guide the
>     OSI-US's operations:
>     How can the OSI-US best support our community?
>     How can we best work together with the community to co-create a
>     broad and diverse circle of people holding space for open space?
>         Thanks!
>         Harold Shinsato
>         on behalf of the Board of the Open Space Institute, U.S.
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