[OSList] [GC] How to shift a destructive "information-meeting" to a constructive dialogue meeting?

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Thank you for your challenge! After reading it, I notice great hope, 
encouragement, as well as humility in the face of how large a commitment 
it is, and yet also how much sense it makes that anything we do outside 
of such authentic connection with Spirit becomes something that will 
need even more clean up. Perhaps a useful guideline for "one less thing 
to do."


On 2/18/16 2:36 PM, Birgitt Williams via OSList wrote:
>  commit to holding space for our whole lifetime for opportunities for 
> harmony in the world. Before anyone makes that commitment, we caution 
> you not to do so unless you can do what every really good facilitator 
> of OS must do…to be completely neutral to outcome, no attachment to 
> outcome, no taking of sides, no judging anyone as good or bad. We 
> talked about how it is possible to hold this stance of being what I 
> refer to as a ‘resonant energy field generator’, holding a frequency 
> of love….for a lifetime, in times of war, in times of fear, pain, 
> challenge and how to hold this stance even when it might be more 
> ‘natural’ to want to take action to fix something. And thus, my only 
> suggestion is rooted in this. If the facilitators can do their inner 
> work and stay in genuine contact with their self and with Spirit, it 
> is possible to be helpful. If the foundation for acting comes from 
> panic, or judgment, or inner conflict of any kind, it is likely to 
> make a mess.
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