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Andrew Wow I LOVE this I will sign up pronto - also keen to chat and get to know you and your mission if you are into it!  I’m in Auckland :-)

My best

> On 16/02/2016, at 1:07 PM, Andrew Rixon via OSList <oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Bob Dick and I are hosting a series of popup conversations around how integrating Open Space Technology and Action Learning provides a powerful way to positive change.
> These popup conversations are free, and limited to 50 people, and you can register below:
> http://kickstartingchangepopupconvos.eventbrite.com.au <http://kickstartingchangepopupconvos.eventbrite.com.au/> 
> You can register for any of the dates in the popup series and we will be sure to send you a reminder as well as the link to the popup convo recording between Bob and I.
> Warm regards,
> Andrew
> PS: Here's the link to our first popup convo held a fortnight ago: https://youtu.be/vQLwBHYddP0 <https://youtu.be/vQLwBHYddP0>
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> Andrew Rixon PhD
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> Come join Bob Dick and I on April 12th and 13th in Melbourne for:
> "Kickstarting Change that Lasts: How to flatten hierarchies, build relationships and get work done! <http://kickstartingchangemelbourne2016.eventbrite.com.au/>" <http://kickstartingchangemelbourne2016.eventbrite.com.au/>
> An innovative program on applying Open Space Technology and Action Learning
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