[OSList] Book of Proceedings from Open Space at International House New York

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Fri Feb 5 03:28:49 PST 2016

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the host team and OSI US, it is a pleasure to share the book
of proceedings, photos and videos from our annual event at International
House in New York.

To set the context, here is a copy of the original invitation:

The theme: "Opening Space for High Performance and the Practice of Peace".

We have placed everything on a google drive available here:
<https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0hJ8JesQDPAMExuTEoyU1hNUG8> or
this link if any problems:

Double click *Final Book of Proceedings* folder. Then if you want best
viewing from the original file, right click and download the document on
your computer.

For many who may have attended this gathering in the past, it will surely
bring back fond memories of this special place and past conversations. For
others, perhaps you will feel the pull to join us next year.

Karen and Harrison have been hosting this for about 20 years.



Suzanne Daigle
Open Space Facilitator
NuFocus Strategic Group

FL 941-359-8877
Cell: 203-722-2009
s.daigle at nufocusgroup.com
Twitter @Daiglesuz
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