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Just a thought about the “technology” bit. Apologies if this has been covered before.
Does the use of technology refer to definitions of technology as process and knowledge creation?

Best Karl

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Subject: [OSList] A Gift from Phelim

One of the deep spirits I met in the space that seems to open all by itself whenever good people with good minds and great hearts assemble to consider what they really care about is Phelim McDermott. For many people he is simply a world famous director with credits for operas at the Met in New York, a Broadway show --- and some of the very best improve theatre in London . But more than that he is somebody who really cares, and who can share that caring in compelling ways.  I am sure you will see what I mean if you click on….  https://vimeo.com/75226991


Winter Address
7808 River Falls Dr.
Potomac, MD 20854

Summer Address
189 Beaucauire Ave
Camden, ME 04843
207 763-3261


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