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Dear Phelim, you are just great, the video is wonderful and all what you are doing with Open Space is amazing. Thank you for all that I'm learning from you.




Juan Luis


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Dearest Harrison and friends,


How sweet of you to post this. It was a prompt for me to watch this again and easy to track time as dear Riddley is well into his fourth year now! I’ve been a bit absent form the List as I’ve been SO busy with doing my first love and making shows back to back to back! A few weeks back riddled grabbed the microphone and did a very good impersonation of me opening the space. A random scramble of principles and law of two feet... totally comprehensible. I’m working on doing one less thing. 


I’m currently in Newcastle opening a new show this coming week: “Opening skinners Box. http://www.improbable.co.uk/work/opening-skinners-box/ 10 great psychological experiments of the 20th century …. and their perpetrators!


However D&D still goes strong. Last weekend we held two simultaneous OS events one about the future of Opera and one for Theatre in Exeter. The reports from our events have now reached over 2000 http://www.devotedanddisgruntled.com/reports/ and we are touching nearly 100 of our OS events archived. http://www.devotedanddisgruntled.com/events/archive/. 


the conversations continue. our next one is about science and art collaborating. http://www.devotedanddisgruntled.com/events/devoted-disgruntled-arts-science/


I still check into the list but get quite overwhelmed. I also noticed that it was harder to reengage when the List stopped telling me who posts were from when i got an email and this is probably why vibe been less present.


Every day in rehearsals we open space and we will continue to open space wherever we go! 


lots of love Phelim 



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One of the deep spirits I met in the space that seems to open all by itself whenever good people with good minds and great hearts assemble to consider what they really care about is Phelim McDermott. For many people he is simply a world famous director with credits for operas at the Met in New York, a Broadway show --- and some of the very best improve theatre in London . But more than that he is somebody who really cares, and who can share that caring in compelling ways.  I am sure you will see what I mean if you click on….   <https://vimeo.com/75226991> https://vimeo.com/75226991




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