[OSList] A Gift from Phelim

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The name of the sender is included in the "from" field. The email is the 
OSList. I see the sender as "Phelim McDermott via OSList".

I had to make this change or many email systems recently started 
bouncing the OSList (like Yahoo and Gmail).

I have no idea why you would get "Scramble" when you hit reply. We are 
using the standard email fields so if you hit the default reply - it 
should go to the sender and the oslist.


On 4/15/16 7:59 AM, Harrison Owen via OSList wrote:
> "And this is what happens if I reply... Scramble.."   I guess Apple is
> trying to protect your privacy?
> ho
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> And this is what happens if I reply... Scramble..
> Anyone know why ?
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> Phelim McDermott
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