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Thank you Harrison for the initial posting and the reminder. Like everyone
I had no clue in 2001 that the world would be like it is now, 15 years
later. Both more exciting and more troubling, simultaneously. And
hopefully, we are somewhat wiser!

I especially like this snip:

"In Open Space wesimply come face to face with what we already are. What
makes all this different (or at least can make thisdifferent) is the
conscious awareness and acceptance of our own reality as a self-organizing
system. The
consequences of this awareness/acceptance include an understanding that we
are not in charge of theuniverse. Further, that our continued existence (in
all senses of that word) depends upon a positive, effective,open and
symbiotic relationship with our environment at all levels. Should we choose
differently, as inclosure, control and disrespect, we will cease (lose,
fail, go kaput) because the open, living, self-organizingsystem that we are
will stop. So what can we do? Simple. Open some Space and invite people to
be fullywhat they are – with respect."

Lagunitas, California
On Apr 9, 2016 1:29 PM, "Harrison Owen via OSList" <
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> Call it nostalgia, senility… whatever. But sitting here in Washington on a
> very chilly April evening (snow is forecast) I did remember. Way back in
> 2001 the world (our world) changed with an event some of us remember. The
> years have passed, and probably most (certainly a lot) of people on earth
> were not even alive when “it” happened.  So Remembrance is not a
> possibility. I called it the “World Trade Towers.” You could call it
> whatever made sense. And at the time it didn’t make a lot of sense – But we
> tried.   And we have continued to try. I am not sure we have made too much
> progress, but I did recall an article I wrote way back when. Dug it out.
> Re-read it… and with some small changes of dates and places, I think I
> would say pretty much the same thing today.
> https://worldbusiness.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/vp102401.pdf
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