[OSList] Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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Call it nostalgia, senility. whatever. But sitting here in Washington on a
very chilly April evening (snow is forecast) I did remember. Way back in
2001 the world (our world) changed with an event some of us remember. The
years have passed, and probably most (certainly a lot) of people on earth
were not even alive when "it" happened.  So Remembrance is not a
possibility. I called it the "World Trade Towers." You could call it
whatever made sense. And at the time it didn't make a lot of sense - But we
tried.   And we have continued to try. I am not sure we have made too much
progress, but I did recall an article I wrote way back when. Dug it out.
Re-read it. and with some small changes of dates and places, I think I would
say pretty much the same thing today.




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