[OSList] Skye OS Hotline today 4/5/16

Skye Hirst via OSList oslist at lists.openspacetech.org
Tue Apr 5 08:13:54 PDT 2016

Sorry to tell you, but today is April 5th.  So come one and all to
OSHotLine today.

 Sorry I cannot make it, but I have a question for you.

What happens when we practice Opening Space?  Is it a tuning into the Space
that is already open,  and we suddenly become mindful of it?   Do we let go
of holding onto positions?  Does it bring out what assumptions we are
operating under and didn't know it?   Do we find our commons with one
another?  What else?  Thanks all.

*Skye Hirst, PhD*
President - The Autognomics Institute
*Conversations in Radical Self-Knowing*

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