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Re Open Space Gathering at Whidbey Institute on Whidbey Island, WA 
> Dears:  There will be an Open Space on Valentine's Day weekend, Feb 12--15 at the Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, Washington on this subject:
> Reclaiming our Roots: The Essence of Leadership is Creativity and Learning. 
> Yes, it is only a short time away and you may have already filled up your calendars.  However, I am sending you the Registration Link, AND a personal plea to consider this gathering a priority and check it out!
> Why?  
> Here's the situation I am perceiving: We have a woeful dearth of leadership in our institutional life today.  Old institutions are falling apart; long-ignored wrongs and crimes against peoples' are demanding to be addressed; our systems of law are revealed to be riddled with inequality, & violence disguised as justice-- wholly inadequate to provide stability or sources of integrity.
> Many of us have been experimenting with fundamentally different forms of leadership: leadership that starts from within, includes the circle of "others", and extends to the whole.  In the words of Angeles Arrien, we've been walking the "mystical path with practical feet".  Some have radically practiced opening space in all realms of our lives; others have experimented with co-creative leadership  via the arts, Bioneering, technology, compassionate action, etc.  All of us have been working at the "grass roots", from the "bottom up", learning the hard way, feet on the ground.  Our collective wisdom is NEEDED now! 
> What have we learned? What can we bring to the Shift we are living in?
> I feel it is high time  (past time, actually) we came together in Open Space, and let the Universal Intelligent field reveal itself through us.  There are new systems of governance, new practices of leadership and learning ready to manifest.  And YOU are one of the "makers".  I'll be 84 years old in March.  I know the future is NOW...not in some distant vision. I hope to share it with you.
> Please ask yourself: Does this resonate with me?  Am I called to be at this gathering?  
> If you get Yes, go to the Registration link, fill it out and COME.  If you also want to invite others with whom you learn and vibe, please feel FREE.
> Here's the REGISTRATION link:
> http://whidbeyinstitute.org/event/essence-of-leading/

   Anne Stadler, with Paul Gleiberman  
   and Gabriel Shirley
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