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This annual Open Space gathering over the Martin Luther weekend has been a
tradition for many years. Many were introduced to Open Space here for the
very first time; others have come to deepen their exploration and practice
of it.

There is a gentle flow about this experiential event hosted by Harrison
Owen and Karen Davis. The late Ralph Copeland and others were involved in
the past. This year the Open Space Institute, US decided to formally lend a
hand,  to help in the planning and inviting.

In doing so, we also felt a yearning to provide our world wide community of
friends and colleagues an opportunity to peak in, to experience this
gathering with us in real time. It's always a delicate balance to honor
this special and intimate time of being together face-to-face, to truly be
present in the emergence of our conversations together while also providing
a window to share our learning with others which is at the heart of this

The theme of "Opening Space for Peace and High Performance at Work and in
Life: Navigating Chaos, Confusion and Conflict" is palpably felt...even
more so following the tragic events in Paris recently and also the violence
in other parts of the world.

Christine Koehler who traveled from Paris yesterday will be opening the
Space, this morning. Others have come from near and far to be here,
familiar and new faces.

This morning at the opening circle, we will be consulting the group to see
if they are willing that reports and photos be posted on line in real time.
We have set up a Google Drive location for this. We want individuals and
groups to feel safe and free in their sharing so it may be that not all
reports will be shared. Participants themselves will decide in their groups
as the discussions happen. We will be asking everyone if they are
comfortable with our plans. I'm guessing that if it is yes, we may
experiment a few things in other ways with the goal of inviting and
including others in the emergence of our time together. Already we feel the
presence of so many in spirit.

So my friends, in the early morning hours before we have even opened space,
I wanted to describe our heartfelt intentions. We will let you know more
and will provide you with the link to access if it is a go to proceed this
way. Please forgive us, if it does not offer all that you would like or if
this appears a bit last minute. It's one of those things that we can't
totally plan.

Suzanne on behalf of a gang of folks involved in helping out
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