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If I had a wish this year, I would go to Iceland, to Poland, to
Scandinavia, to the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia and China. To be with
friends and colleagues who are doing amazing things in Open Space.  I love
this virtual space called the OSLIST because it fuels my work and my life.
But being with people face-to-face fuels me even more.

For now I will settle for New York city in January at International House.

The theme:"Opening Space for Peace and High Performance at Work and in
Life: Navigating Chaos, Confusion and Conflict" draws me and the people who
will be there even more.


Over the holidays, I invited... and invited -- people who are passionate
about the future of work and more. Many said yes and I continue to invite
because with each new person coming, I know the wisdom that will be shared,
the difference we can make with our stories and experiences and how we will
deepen our learning in Open Space, applying it in so many places. For some,
it will be a first experience in Open Space and they are already so jazzed
about being there.

I am so happy that a contingent from the Agile world in Florida are coming
including someone whose company has adopted the principles of
self-management and shared leadership across the organization, working on
this for the past 3 years. They are a client of a client, who was a best
workplace. Diana was just recently introduced to Open Space and now wants
to carry it forward knowing how similar are the principles of Open Space
with what they are doing in Agile and Scrum.

And then we have trailblazing folks in the world of work, who are doing
amazing "boots on the ground" self organizing stuff - a combination of
utilizing unique talents and skills with passion and a great willingness to
be accountable and to be involved in the decision making.

Someone from Wall Street who loves Open Space (yes they exist) is coming
too and then dear friends of us all, Christine Koehler from Paris and
Christine Whitney Sanchez from Arizona  and many if not all of us on the
Open Space Institute US  to  share their love and learnings for Open Space.

A few of our Florida WOSonOS student hosts have decided to join: Keosha
Poole and Kevin Blossfeld. These amazing Millennials are the Future of
Work. They too are excited knowing that they will see many familiar faces.
Each has taken Open Space to new levels and I've been blown away by what
they have done since. You will be too if you come.

I even invited clients and will continue to do so.

So dear friends, if at the last minute, you are having second thoughts and
think you might be interested or if you know people in the New York City
area or beyond, who would love to join, please let them know that something
special is happening in New York during the Martin Luther King weekend. Now
more than ever I feel the World is Ready for what Open Space has to offer.

And if my wordy invitation is too gushy and exuberant, perhaps Harrison's
short note  will be enough to jog your interest.

*Earlier note from Harrison on OSList.*
Karen Davis and I will be hosting our annual gathering in New York for
anybody who cares about Open Space and wants to join friends and colleagues
for a deeper exploration. The dates are January 16-18, and the place is the
exquisite residence and conference center known as The International House.
Located on the upper West side, the venue is worth the trip all by itself.
And of course Karen and I will look forward to the pleasure of your
company. For all the details go to:

Warmest regards and best wishes to all for an amazing 2015,


Suzanne Daigle
Open Space Facilitator
NuFocus Strategic Group

FL 941-359-8877
Cell: 203-722-2009
s.daigle at nufocusgroup.com
Twitter @Daiglesuz
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