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John  Sounds like a worthy project indeed, but I have to confess to a smiling reaction when reading: “- what does someone need to know to say "I do self organisation"? 





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Hello facilitators of self organisation


Let's take a moment to consider self organisation, as 'field' or 'practice'.


I am scoping a summer project at the moment (in the southern hemisphere!).


I have been reading and learning all I can about self org.  There is less than I expected at the heart of self org practice, but much more than I realised in intersecting fields (e.g. in governance, democracy, community organising, management, change, systems...).  There are also unanswered Qs about what 'self org' is (indeed, if it is anything at all).


It might be worthwhile formalising this, through a focused research project, and sharing the results in a report or the like.


Possible focus questions that come to mind for me are

- what does someone need to know to say "I do self organisation"?

- what would someone need to know to be an 'expert' in self org?


Would appreciate your perspective, as a practitioner-facilitator-fellow wave rider:


What (if anything) do you think deserves to be done?

Who should be involved in doing it?


​Thank you for contributing to the quest!


John Baxter

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