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Thank you so much for this summary. Are there any talks that you would
highly recommend that we watch?


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On Sat, Nov 22, 2014 at 7:44 PM, Rosa Zubizarreta via OSList <
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> Hi all,
> In spite of the old-style format, I found the MIX
> <http://mixmashup.org/mashup/events>to be an extremely inspiring
> gathering.
> Below some extracts from an e-mail I wrote to a friend...
> ***
> The conference format was (almost) completely didactic, lecture-style,
> jam-packed, hardly any breaks. AND, as challenging as that was, the content
> itself was extraordinary, completely inspiring, beyond awesome. How's that
> for a contradiction?
> The MIX folks are extremely bright, dedicated, and passionate about
> finding people and organizations that are totally breaking the mold with
> regard to new organizational forms. This includes young companies that
> started this way from scratch, as well as older companies that were
> originally hierarchical and have transformed in some significant way. They
> are doing their best to promote these organizations/networks/initiatives
> and their work.
> So, great people from all over the world… successful non-hierarchical
> companies from all over the world….really good stuff! The MIX folks are
> aware that this work isn't completely new, that there have been innovative
> examples of successful non-hierarchical orgs at different times. At the
> same time, they also believe we are at a tipping point, where we need to
> have new organizational forms become much more widespread -- and, they are
> doing their best to help make that happen, through sharing the stories of
> successful examples, highlighting how each one is a unique journey, and
> pointing to underlying principles.
> Very little room was allotted for participation from attendees, except
> during the lab day. At the same time, it was great to be hearing from the
> folks who have actually created these new organizations, or initiated
> change efforts within older organizations. It seemed that many of the
> presenters had actually opened space in their organizations in drastic
> ways, not as external consultants coming in but as founders and leaders
> and/or internal change agents. I was moved by their honesty and
> vulnerability, and by their openness in sharing their challenges and ups
> and downs and work-in-progress.
> I can imagine the trade-offs the conference organizers may have been
> struggling with...  likely they wanted to offer as many of these stories as
> possible, yet at the same time were not wanting to make it a longer
> conference. Recently Chris shared a design on the AoH e-mail list, in a
> thread about working with experts, of having people work in ten different
> groups doing collective story harvests. Something like that could have been
> useful here, and/or useful for the next one-- especially if followed by a
> way for people to share the harvests with one another afterward.
> And, the organizers may or may not be ready for that... seems like there
> was some feedback about designing a more participatory event after the
> MashUp two years ago. Maybe it's still percolating? Anyway, what a
> fascinating mix we ourselves are as humans, such a bundle of gifts
> and challenges (still-unopened gifts), all mixed together! And all of us
> having so much to contribute, and so much to learn...
> In sum, I found it a highly valuable experience, paradoxes and all, and
> very much appreciated the opportunity of meeting a community of passionate
> innovators, who share a deep respect for a diversity of perspectives and a
> diversity of paths...
> with all best wishes,
> Rosa
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