[OSList] Drucker conference in Vienna: "Managing Complexity"

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I'm not watching the Vienna event as closely as Suzanne, and some of the 

I do notice some things about it.

I'm glad that "people in suits" like Gary Hamel (et al) are now noticing 
what is happening, and writing and talking about it. As for "doing", it 
looks like the main activity is... arranging conference events.

I'm sad and afraid about the format. It's the standard us-them 
conference format. The experts dispense wisdom from the stage, the rest 
receive this revealed wisdom.

The structure of the program is a big tip-off to what is happening there...


By attending this, the attendee authorizes the elevation of the people 
on the stage to the status of authority figures.

The title of the event might also tip us off: "Managing Complexity"

To manage is to direct and control. The title therefore expands to:

"Directing and Controlling Complexity".

That's a very interesting title for a conference that is presumably 
about emergence in business organizations.



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